Wee bit o’ love

I may have mentioned this before…I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day.  My husband is supportive of my non-belief.  Here’s why….I think it’s a “Hallmark holiday” – an over-priced and unconvincing non-holiday that corporations dreamed up to increase sales when the masses are receiving their Christmas bills and are coming off of their New Years Resolutions of eating healthy, exercising more,  and saving money.  Plus I don’t need a day on a calendar to remind me to show my love to important people in my life. OK…rant over 🙂

You may be relieved to know that I do not insist that everyone around me adhere rigidly to my belief. Of course the boys take Valentines to school and all that. I even try to make a Valentine card for my boys in order to “participate as a normal member of society.” But I don’t go out or make a big expensive fuss.

For Liam, who has an email address I think I will email him his Valentine this year.  That will be a new one.

I started with the As You See It Assortment Challenge to create my digital Valentine.


then I threw in a dash of the Paper Craft Crew Card Sketch #78


And here is how it turned out:


I liked it fairly simple. I added lots of things and ended up taking them all back off – working digitally is cool like that…no glue!  Even with the hearts and the purple I don’t think it is too girly or frilly to send to my pre-teen boy.  We’ll see how this goes down 😉
Do you exchange Valentine’s with anyone?  Have you ever send an e-Valentine? Would you?