Creativity and the plague…


I’ve been doing some heavy duty mulling lately…it may have tipped into ruminating actually…about my crafting (or lack thereof). So far this year my crafting has been defined by the phrase “avoiding it like the plague.” But that does not mean that I’m not being creative. No siree. In fact, I have realized (after my mulling) that I have been working on Me…and My Life.  2014 started out with the realization that I had kind of burned myself out by the end of 2013 and some recuperation had been highly necessary.  Currently, I am focused on getting some processes in place to feel less overwhelmed and more clear about everyday things…I’ve got things to share with you – yes I do – give me a bit more time.  I’m also re-building trust with me…I’ve had a tendency to come up with ideas and make plans (with myself) that I don’t keep – that is getting to be damaging and it is going to have to change ASAP.

Here are 5 things that will support me in ridding myself of the plague:

1. Focus on Progress not Perfection. This is a tough one for me…it’s about baby steps and I’ve always been more about giant leaps.

2. Stop Using the Word “But”. The word negates everything that came before it so why bother saying it at all? And when I use this in talking to myself it can be sabotaging

3. Stop Using the Word “Busy”. I fully adopted the perspective shared in this article about how being busy isn’t respectable anymore –

4. Follow Through with You. If I (really) intend to do something I will add it to my task list and set a date for it to be complete + I will outline the small steps to make it accomplishable (see #3).

5. Be a Morning Person. By FAR the HARDEST one that I will try to accomplish.

Have you been working on you?  What’s going well? What is super hard?



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