Happy Mail

Paper Pumpkin

How happy am I to find a bright red box on my door once a month?  THRILLED!
You know the feeling when you open your mailbox and find an unexpected bill?  This is the EXACT OPPOSITE of that!

What is in my pretty red package you may ask…..

Well, it is a creative escape.  It is everything I need to take a 20 minute break from cooking and cleaning and working and kids and husband and…  life.

It is just for me.  It is what I give myself to take care of me.   It is a project that I don’t have to design and that I have everything I need to complete (because it is all in that pretty box).

It is happy mail that soothes my crafty soul!

You can get happy mail for your crafty soul too… And for just $12.50 for the first two months!!  YAY!! Happy mail that makes your wallet happy too!!  AWESOME!

This happy mail comes with no strings… There is no commitment, you can skip a month or cancel at any time.

Check out more info at www.mypaperpumpkin.com.
Add PUMPKINDEAL in the promo code area to get your first two months for $12.50!

Sign up by August 31st so you don’t miss out on your Happy Mail!

Questions? Email me. 


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