Starting Early

You’ll never believe that I was humming “Santa Claus is coming to town” this morning…but it’s true!
Partly because I have  Christmas Dozen class coming up next week. Yep I’m starting early…and you can too!
Here is a sneaky peaky at one of the cards we will be making.


This card uses the Tag It stamp set, which has many other all-occasion stamps too so you can use them year-round.

If you want to come make 12 Christmas cards next Thursday evening at 6:30pm…let me know via email ( or phone (250-300-5683).


4 thoughts on “Starting Early

  1. Part of me is like awesome that’s cool I want to make that but another part of me knows you sat and colored that stamp in bit by bit and is thinking wow nope too complicated for my little rushed brain lololol

  2. Caroline – You will be Shocked (with a capital S) how easy this card is.
    Remember…we are making 12, so they must come together quickly…otherwise you’ll be having a sleep-over 😉

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