Convention Day 4 Recap – WE WON!

I can’t even begin to explain how stinkin’ excited I am to tell you that

We WON the Convention Video Contest!

Yep, that’s me on the drums.  Also, you may recognize Amy Jasper as the stamper and lead vocalist, Desiree Spenst on “guitar”, Jill Buehler on the “keyboard” and Tamara Casorso on the “bass.”

Because of all of the entries, Stampin’ Up recognized their favourite four videos.  They played them, starting with fourth place, on the HUGE screens in front of 6,000 people and we won FIRST PLACE!  The absolute highlight of all of Convention 2013!!

* Team photo was taken by other  cameras – so will have to update with the photo when it is sent*

Coming down off that high was slightly difficult, however I did manage to take in some classes led by some of the fabulous Stampin ‘Up staff.  My favourite was called, Living a Creative Life with Carrie Cudney.  The thing I got most out of the class was to honour my creative spirit and to be brave.

Here I am in the Utah desert

Utah desert

Just kidding…. it was totally just a photo op with a cut-out

Moving along… before the last main stage presentation I thought I better get a shot of the stage….and I better add a funny face in with it 😛

Main Stage funny

The last main stage presentation was emotional and inspiring and we were sad to see it all coming to a close.  Happily there was still an ALL ATTENDEE GIVEAWAY! We all got the new Yippee-Skippee stamp set! New fave!








We ended our time together with some eats on our last night at Benihana. Here are my roomies; Sarah from Missouri, Tara from Michigan, Desiree (from up the street) and me.

Benihana with the roomies

Convention is a whirlwind few days, but I love every second of it.

Now it is time to go home to rest….AND STAMP! 😀


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