DIY Postcards

We are planning a family vacation, which will include a significant amount of riding in a vehicle. As such I have been pinning a bunch of travel ideas to my pinterest board ->check it out here.

I came up with my own cool idea for my kids while we are on our way. I cut out six pieces of whisper white cardstock 4″ x 5 1/2″. And I stamped it with the new postcard stamp in Chocolate Chip. I flipped it over and used SNAIL around the perimeter.


I also cut a sheet of 12 x 12 Mutipurpose Adhesive Sheet also into 4″ x 5 1/2″ pieces. Then I stuck the adhesive sheet down onto the postcard, leaving the backing attached.


My idea is that my older son will be able to take photos with my phone and when we have a chance we will print a couple off, peel off the backing and stick the photo right down and make his very own postcards to send to friends and family back home. I am hoping it will be a fun way for him to record some memories, practice his writing, and will give him something different to do while we are travelling.


Do you have favourite things that you do when you have a long trip planned?

Happy Travels!


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